Industrial Energy Storage Solutions

Voltaic Networks prides itself on providing a single solution for all your energy storage needs

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Our Managment Solutions

Our comprehensive suite of professional services will provide the support and services needed to bring energy storage to your utility

Initial Inquiry

We will work with your engineering staff to determine your needs.


We will design a system meeting to the needs of your company.


We will handle all installation of the energy storage, and work with the utility to provide a grid connection to the site.


We will work with your utility to determine best times for power allocation.


Voltaic handles all battery maintenance for ease of our customers.


Simple, easy to understand billing based on the Design and Management strategy for your utility.

Why Battery Storage?

In an age of ever growing greener, battery storage is a great way to reduce cost for both the utility and customer

Blackout Protection

  • Cover All customers in a blackout event
  • Black-Start out-of-service plants
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Demand Shaving

  • Reduce reliance on purchased energy
  • Reduce cost by spreading energy load over multiple hours

Fast-Start Plant Reduction

  • Battery storage at the scale of a Natural Gas power plant
  • Reducing Carbon Footprint
  • Saving startup and running cost of expensive plants
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